My War With Canker Sores

Published: 17th June 2011
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Ever since I was young I have suffered through periodic canker sores in my mouth. Long ago though it was, there has not been an end to it yet. About 20 percent of people share the same problem with white or yellow open sores popping up in their mouth. Canker sores are mouth sores encircled by a red area and are not cancer nor do they cause cancer. Small though they are, the pain they cause is huge and eating or drinking only makes it worse.

I believe their proper name is aphthous ulcers but they are best known as canker sores. They exist only inside the mouth mainly on the inside of your cheek or lips, tongue, on the base of the gums and any part of the mouth that moves. Though they donít have any pattern in how or where they occur they are usually single occurrences but there are occasional clusters or three or four grouped together.

{I can always feel them coming. There is a burning or tingling then a tiny bump pops up. It sends out shooting pain anytime I bump it on a tooth or with my tongue. After about 24 hours it splits open and the shallow wound appears. Big ones are up to an inch but mine are usually smaller. Iíve heard some people also get a fever and feel listless.|There is usually a slight burning or tingling when I am getting a canker sore. Not long after, the small lump comes out and there is a stabbing pain anytime it comes into contact with my teeth or tongue. Within twenty four hours the bump opens to reveal a shallow sore. Mine are usually about ľ to Ĺ inch big but Iíve heard of others being up to an inch long.|When they first start I feel a tingly, burning sensation and not long after a small bulge pops up which send stabbing pains through my mouth when I hit it with my tongue or tooth. In twenty four hours the bulge pops and it becomes an open sore. Usually about ľ to Ĺ inches in diameter some can be up to an inch in length.}

For some reason men donít get as many canker sores as women. They are a variety a mouth ulcer generally occurring between the ages of ten and forty. I am over forty and still get them but they are not as painful and donít last as long.

The Internet has been a stroke of luck in my search for information. I found there are many causes contributing to canker sores including poor nutrition, mouth injuries or dental work, hormones, stress, menstrual periods and many more. It isnít uncommon to see canker sores pop up with viral infections. Known to be linked to genetics and the immune system itís understandable how they seem to run in families.

Over the years I think I have tried every medication known to man and none work to ease the pain that lasts a week or more. Over the counter medications instructing you to place the ointment or liquid on the open sore only drive you through the roof. Mouthwashes, salt rinses and home remedies have all come up at one time or another but relief is brief if there is any at all. Nothing allows me enough relief to get any real sleep.

My wife insisted I try a natural remedy called Aftazen and I finally got a full nightís sleep despite the canker sore in my mouth. Iíll never give it up.

A co-worker made a recommendation one day that finally gave me relief. She mentioned Aftazen and said it was all natural with no side effects. I tried it and finally sleep through the night even with canker sores.

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